An Introduction To Trouble

As all spanking brats, bottoms and submissives know – there are different types of trouble. I have dedicated my life to the study of these types and will now elucidate upon them in a scholarly and enlightening fashion.

We will begin this study with inspiration from great Republican Rumsfeld, whose name sounds like a tub of leather.

There are known troubles. These are things that you know will get you in trouble before you do them. There are unknown troubles, which are things you do without knowing that you’ll be in trouble for doing them. There are also known unknown troubles – these are things you don’t necessarily know will get you in trouble, but you suspect they might, and then, of course, there are the unknown unknown troubles, which are the troubles that never occurred to you as being problematic until long after the fact.

The fourth kind of trouble is perhaps the worst kind of trouble. It’s the trouble that arises when you realize you’ve plugged the wrong cord into your boyfriend’s digital camera and broken all the little pins inside even though it totally fit as if it was the right cord. In some cases this sort of trouble can become the dreaded compound trouble when it happens to be the second camera you’ve broken in a similar fashion. (It’s either a secret power or a curse that some items simply disintegrate in my hands. Medical science should probably be made aware of this phenomenon.)

Then there are other, more deliberate, elaborate troubles. Like the trouble that arises when you bring ten thousand spoons when all he asked for was a knife (also known as a ‘Morissette trouble‘.) This type of trouble was very popular in the late 1990’s, but has since given way to other, newer forms of trouble.

It is possible to go back in time for trouble inspirations – this image hearkens back to retro troubles, which were mostly beige and involved burning the dinner, or trying to vote or something equally scandalous – like wanting a career outside the home. Madness!

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