A Student Is Spanked…*FREE* Spanking Erotica

In the informal budget stuffed environment of a university common room, a young lady is bottom up over an older man’s lap. Her hair is all askew, strands escaping their ties and pins to flail with the motion of her head. Her eyes are screwed closed as she opens her mouth to yowl. The reason for her distress is clear. His hand is sweeping down toward her bare bottom, red crested cheeks awaiting the impact of his palm.

She is being spanked.

The sound of her punishment is travelling through the halls, both the plaintive cries that escape her lips and the regular clapping sounds of the swatting that is impacting her cheeks. He has her firmly in hand, one arm around her slim waist, her hips propped over the hard ridge of his thigh. Her cheeks bounce with every slap, full rounds glowing beneath the skirt which is rucked up over her behind. Lacy panties are caught betwixt her shapely thighs, hobbling her as she squirms and wriggles in place.

It might be tempting to feel sorry for her. Her cries seem to indicate that she is sorry, and the way she drums her toes on the carpet is a sure sign that the heat burning in her nether regions is reaching explosive temperatures.

What has this sweet girl done to deserve this punishment? And what will the mean man do once he has finished tanning her hide? Read on, dear reader, read on…


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