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The Doctor's Command Exclusive Excerpt:

A Soapy Mouth

The Doctor's Command

“Fuck you.”

His head snapped up, almost as if she'd hit him. And then it came down, his chin close to his neck, his brows drawing down over those piercing blue eyes.

“You have three seconds to tell me why you just said that, or you'll get your mouth washed out right here where there ain't any water. I'll march you to the next river with a bar of soap in your mouth, girl.”

He wasn't playing. He seemed bigger and angrier and meaner than before, and Chloe kind of liked it. It gave her something to fight against. Something to be angry at.

“Just try!”

He took a deep breath and shook his head at her. “I can't work out what's going on with you. One minute you're sweet as pie, the next you're mad as a rattlesnake.” As he spoke, he set down his pack and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was going to make good on his promise to put soap in her mouth. He reached for his toiletry bag and pulled it out, looking her dead in the eye. “Last chance, Chloe. You're already going to do the next three miles on a crutch. You want to do it foaming at the mouth too?”

“I don't care.” Fuck. The words were reckless, and a total lie. She did care. She just couldn't bring herself to admit what it was she cared about.

No zip had ever sounded as loud as the one on that damn toiletry bag. Paul reached for the little bar of soap, took it out and dropped the bag back into his pack. She glared at him as he advanced upon her, holding it in his left hand. Ordinarily, she might have tried to run away, but her leg wasn't going to allow for that. So she stood her ground, as if a glare might stop him in his tracks.

It didn't.

He grabbed her hand and held the soap up to her lips. “Open.”

Chloe clamped her mouth shut hard and rolled her eyes at him. As if she'd help him put soap in her mouth. Did he think she was an idiot?

“Open up, brat.”

“Nu uh.” She could make that noise without any need to open her mouth.

“You are in for such a thrashing once I get to assess that ankle properly,” he promised her. “I am going to take my belt to that butt of yours...”

The threats weren't going to work on her. Chloe parted her lips to tell him that and he thrust the soap in over her teeth and tongue. It was only for a second before she spat it out, but it was long enough for the bitter taste to stick to her tongue and inner cheeks and get stuck on the ridges of her teeth.

“Asshole!” She swore at him through the bitter taste . “You... dick!”

“What the hell has gotten into you?”

She could hear the frustration in his voice, and a part of her, a small part that was able to observe everything with a dispassionate distance, saw how silly she looked with a soapy mouth and a sore ankle, yelling at a man who was more confused than he was angry. He really didn't know what was wrong.

“You're fucking leaving!” She threw the words at him. “After this movie! You said there was something between us, but that was bullshit, because you're leaving!”

He stared at her. “THAT'S why you're angry!?”

“Yeah that's why I'm angry,” she growled. “Give me some goddamn water.”

“Ask nicely and maybe I'll give you some.”

“Ugh!” Chloe rolled her eyes, but that didn't do anything. “Fine,” she said through gritted, soapy teeth. “Can I have some water, please?”

Paul handed her a water bottle and stood over her as she tried her best to wash her mouth out. Unfortunately, the water only made things worse. The little scraps of soap stuck in her teeth got wet and dissolved into the water, filling her mouth with a soapy soft foam.

“Did it ever occur to you that you could come with me?”

She stared at him, a few bubbles of soap rolling down her chin.


“I'll take that as a no,” he said sternly.

“I can't go with you,” she said, confused. “I can't go to Africa...”

“Why not? You don't like your life as it is now,” he pointed out. “You're on the verge of throwing it all away. Why not get some basic medical training and come with me. Make yourself useful. Having someone famous out there would help the cause a lot. It's not like you can't come back to do movies.”

It was sort of a nice idea, but... she shook her head. “Chase says I have to work as consistently as I can for the next five years. He says I won't be worth anything after that.”

“Chase is a leech,” Paul said bluntly. “He's a man who makes his living off other people's talent.”

“He took care of me when nobody else did.”

“He took care of himself,” Paul said. “The same way a pimp does.”

“Are you calling me a hooker?” Chloe asked the question with cold fury in her voice. “Is that what you think of me? I'm some stupid whore being used?”

“That's not what I said.”

“It's what you implied,” she said. “If Chase is a pimp, what does that make me?”

“I didn't say he was a pimp, I said his methods are the same. You're about to go back over my knee if you're not careful.”

Chloe spurted another stream of water between her lips and rinsed her mouth out yet again, spitting the water in Paul's general direction. Some of it landed on his dusty boots.

“Oops,” she grinned unrepentantly. “Sorry.”

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Encounter with an alpha...

My next book, Taken by the Alphas is a shifter menage in which an intrepid researcher gets out of her depth in the Alaskan wilds and finds herself at the mercy of not one alpha shifter, but two. I hope you enjoy this advanced sneak peek into what's coming next...

“You need to learn some manners, girl,” Adam growled. He spoke as if he had some right to her, as if her mere presence in his home was enough to allow him to do as he pleased with her.

“Fuck off!” She didn't know what he intended on doing, but she had the feeling she wasn't going to like it. She already didn't like being dragged about as if she were his possession.

Addie dug her heels in, but all that succeeded in doing was making him grab the scruff of her sweater and haul her up off the ground and then over his knee as he sat down on the bed, grappling her into a position which left her butt vulnerable to his palm.

“You're wearing a dozen layers,” he grunted. “Won't feel anything through them.”

She was starting to get an inkling of what he intended to do to her, though she could barely believe it. Nobody spanked grown women. Not even out here. Not even....”oW!” Addie let out a little yelp as his hand came clapping down across both buttocks in a solid slap that she very much did feel through the layers of her clothing. “Cut it out!” She complained in a pained whine.

“I don't think so,” Adam said, shifting her slightly on his lap so that her head was lower and her butt was perched over his right thigh at the perfect angle. “Someone needed to do this to you a very long time ago, girl.”

“No they didn't!”

Each of her three words of complaint was met with three sharp slaps.

“Stop it! Stop it now!”

Her shouted commands were responded to with harder swats which jolted her body against his thighs. Addie started to realize that Adam wasn't going to stop just because she told him to. He wasn't going to bow to the force of her personality. That was something of a novel discovery which simultaneously intrigued and annoyed her. On one hand, she was utterly appalled that he was daring to spank her. On another, she rather admired his nerve. Those were two difficult responses to hold at the same time, and were both swiftly overridden as he took his next liberty.

“You need to learn how to behave,” he informed her as his fingers curled around the waist of her pants and tugged them down over her ample bottom. Addie let out a strangled squeal as her panty clad butt came into his view.

She felt a sudden flush of shame which made her want to reach back and cover her cheeks, but of course, that wasn't allowed either. He grasped her wrists and pinned them at the small of her back, leaving her suspended from the fulcrum of her crotch over his hard thigh as he started to spank her again.

The slaps felt much harsher and sharper over less covered skin. The heat and thud of what had been little more than a warmup was much preferable to the way her skin sung with prickling pain as his hand landed again and again, making its way across both her cheeks, up and down until there was not a part of her bottom that wasn't stinging.

The more he spanked, the smaller she felt. Her panties were drawing tight across her cheeks and between her thighs, putting pressure on her mound and the whole affair was beginning to feel very intimate.

Adam's fingers began to peel her panties down over her cheeks with a slow, almost teasing touch, distracting her from her questionable memories of men who could become wolves. Now all her attention was on her sore bottom, the heated skin which was being put on display for this stranger with the hard hand.

She opened her mouth to complain about him depriving her of the last scraps of her modesty, but for reasons she couldn't rationalize to herself, all that came out was a soft little moan as he smoothed his hand over her bare cheeks in slow circles. The feeling of his skin against hers was almost comforting. It had been such a long time since any man had touched her. She usually ran off her boyfriends in a matter of weeks. Addie wasn't sure she would be able to run off this guy if she wanted to. He was very... stubborn. Was that the word? No. More than stubborn. He was dominant. He was commanding. He wanted her bottom bare and so it was, no questions and no arguments.

“I don't want to hear any back talk from you,” he said, his deep growling voice rumbling through all her soft, quivering parts. “I certainly don't want to hear you curse again.”

“Then maybe you should get some earplugs,” Addie quipped with a giggle. She knew it was going to get her another hard slap, which it promptly did, but by her reckoning it was more than worth it.

“Take this seriously, brat,” Adam said. “It can be much more painful if it needs to be.”

The threat was delivered in tones serious enough to make the smile drop off her face and set her hips in embarrassed, squirming motion which was soon encouraged by a series of swift slaps meeting her bottom in a brisk barrage, leaving her gasping. The sting was so much more potent now that his hand could touch her skin. Even a relatively light tap re-lit the fires which had been stoked more deepl in her bottom.  

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