Meet The Doctor…. Medical Discipline

“This is a doctor’s surgery? I’m not sick.”

“This is how they do it, the corrective treatment,” the bailiff murmured to her. “It’s all medical.”

“It’s medical? What are they going to do? Take out parts of my brain?”

“You wish,” the bailiff smirked. Sophie shot him an annoyed look. They really did seem to be enjoying her innocence on the subject.

They were not being terribly professional. They were acting more like boys finding themselves unexpectedly in the presence of their crush. Sophie half expected one of them to try to pull her hair. This was why she was still a virgin. Watching strong men turn into silly puppies wasn’t precisely a turn-on.

A moment or two later, the door opened and Sophie found herself looking into the face of an older man who had nothing silly or puppyish about him. Deep blue eyes locked on her the moment he walked in, an intelligent gaze set in a strong masculine face. His dark hair was cut close to his head, graying slightly at the temples and above his ears. His jaw was square and clinically clean shaven, his shoulders broad underneath a white coat. He looked at her with an intensity which caught her off guard. Sophie was used to being looked at with adoration, with judgment, with excitement, with yearning, but very rarely with curiosity and pure interest. It was as though she was being looked at for the first time, by someone who wanted to see her deeply. Keep reading…

Corrective Treatment, An Erotic Medical Discipline Romance

“You are hereby found guilty! You will undergo corrective treatment until such time as you see the error of your ways and can be tolerated to once again join good society. Until then, I strip you of your rank and I declare you a convict.”

When nineteen-year-old Sophie Eins is charged with inciting revolution in the lower echelons of society, she quickly learns that her position as one of the high-born will not save her from the consequences of her defiance. She is sentenced to corrective treatment and taken into the custody of a stern yet handsome doctor named Richard who will carry out the order of the court.

Sophie is stripped bare for an intimate, embarrassing examination, and her body’s shameful response to this humiliating inspection makes it clear to Richard that his firm hand applied to her bare bottom will need to play a major role in her treatment. Sophie’s correction will involve much more than just a sore backside, however, and she soon discovers that being brought to one blushing climax after another can be a punishment as effective as any spanking.

Though he is expected to chastise her as thoroughly as is necessary to teach her obedience, Richard soon finds himself longing to take Sophie in his arms, and he does not need his medical training to see that she yearns for his touch as well. But if he dares to disregard the law and claim her as his own, can he find a way to keep them both safe from the tyrants who rule their city?

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