The Biting Brat

“Oh that’s what you want to do?” Lara purred the question. “You want to bite?”

Jerry nodded, pearly white teeth held fast to Lara’s hand. Her eyes were dancing with mischief, caramel brown pupils ringed with golden halos. She was no angel. Never had been. Certainly wasn’t now with her pussy grinding against her girlfriend’s leg, seeping wetness against dark leather.
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Twilight Trouble | Spanking Sequel To Twilight Cowboy

What’s a man to do when his intended bride decides she wants to make a career out of wrangling the undead?

What’s a girl to do when her fiance insists on spanking her every time she disobeys him and perhaps gets into a teeny tiny little bit of trouble?

And what will they both do when the mayor of Small City Texas manages to get himself staked by the aforementioned bride-to-be after embarking on a bender of disgraceful proportions?

Hold on to your hats! Still virginal heroine Annie Ring and the ever so stern Sheriff Kaine Scoresby return in this paranormal adventure romance, sequel to Twilight Cowboy.

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“Please Kaine, it really wasn’t my fault.”

“I told you not to go out after dark on your own. You disobeyed me.”

“I thought it was more like a guideline than an actual rule.” I gave him my sweetest smile as he took me by the arm and drew me toward the long couch sitting right in the middle of his living room. Unfortunately, we were past the point where sweet smiles helped.

Kaine sat down. Then I got tipped over his knee. Then my skirt went up. My panties came down. And then his hard hand was clapping my cheeks like a metronome.

“Annie, I expect you to mind me,” he said, smacking away.

“Maybe you expect too much.”

There was a pause, then a much harder slap landed dead center of my cheeks, making me yowl.

“Do you think this is funny? You could have been seriously hurt.”

“I could have, but it wasn’t my damn fault. You want to punish someone, go punish the guy who attacked me.”

“This is about you going out when I told you not to. I’m not blaming you for what happened, I’m smacking your disobedient backside because you didn’t do as you were told.”

Whilst we argued, my backside was cooling. Kaine fixed that with a flurry of slaps which left me panting over his lap and squirming for all I was worth.

“You’re going to stay here from now on,” he said. “Clearly you can’t be trusted.”

“Yes, clearly, the twenty plus years I spent without you telling me what to do every five minutes have lead to nothing besides disaster.”

“Enough with the sarcasm, Annie. You were in plenty of trouble when we crossed paths, my little blood dealing slayer.”

I shrugged, not an easy task when you’re horizontal. “A girl has to make ends meet.”

“This girl has to do as she’s told,” Kaine said, making my cheeks bounce with several more slaps. “Because this guy isn’t taken in by her sweeter than sweet demeanor and knows she’s more trouble than all the vampires in the county put together.”

His hand lingered on my cheeks, rubbing the sting and the heat into my flesh. Slowly, the mood changed. I could feel the swell of his erection under my hip. My body was responding too, a certain slickness at the apex of my thighs giving my desire away.

My New Favorite Writing Quote

“Writers make everybody nervous but we terrify Silly Service workers. Our apartments always look like a front for something, and no matter how carefully we tidy up for guests we always seem to miss the note card that says, “Margaret has to die soon.”

– Florence King, Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady


From my WIP, Twilight Cowboy, Book Two:

Red zombies should be outlawed, really they should. All zombies have the power to be dangerous, but red zombies have a reputation for a particularly fearsome disposition – not to mention a ‘lock-jaw’ that means they don’t just bite you and infect you with festering bacteria, they bite you and infect you with festering bacteria and don’t let go. Ever. There are stories of people who have been let go from their jobs after being bitten by a red zombie because the zombie was scaring the customers.

What makes a zombie a red zombie? Some say they have wider heads and bigger jaws than other zombies. Some say they were originally been created by master vampires to fight other zombies. Most people couldn’t pick a red zombie out of a line-up of zombies, cabbage-patch dolls, and cans of tuna, but everybody knows that they are the most dangerous zombies in all the world, and that they should be shot on sight.

(Twilight Cowboy, Book One is here.)

Rock the Bodyguard, Superstar Spanking

As an ex-military man, Miles Rock isn’t fond of modern youth culture. He certainly doesn’t hold with young ladies shaking their “assets” and crooning crude lyrics by way of entertainment. Hypersexed superstarlet ‘Ca$h’ Raine has built a career on doing all of that and more. And now she needs a bodyguard.

Miles would rather sit in a desert and take heavy fire, but he agrees to meet Cash as a favor to an old friend. He expects to meet a spoiled brat with an attitude problem and morals like a sieve. Instead he finds a beautiful, sweet, talented young woman caught in an industry all too ready to chew her up and spit her out.

Cash is a good girl, but even good girls need discipline – and Miles is the man to give it, whether she thinks she needs it or not.Of course, nothing is simple in Miles’ world. Cash’s European tour is about to kick off, bringing with it more trouble in the form of a truly bratty support act named Stabby Longstockings, and an old colleague struggling with PTSD.

As romance blossoms between Miles and Cash, danger begins to lurk in the wings. Can Miles keep Cash safe? Or are the ghosts of the past too powerful to allow the star-fated pair to find love?

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Twilight Cowboy, Book Two: First lines.

Lord Sarthas was back. This time he’d bought cake.

So begins the continuing adventures of vampire slayer Annie and vampire sheriff Kaine, neither of whom are actually vampires. Vampires don’t need to put the word vampire in their title.

Also, spanking.

Just throwing that out there, a not entirely unconnected topic, given this excerpt from Twilight Cowboy, Book One:

“Annie. Come here. Now.”

I didn’t go there, so he reached out and grabbed me. I found myself being pulled over his lap in a way that was frankly uncomfortable. I had not had much experience with men up to that point. Being pressed against his thighs answered several questions that had been floating around in my mind. It turned out that a man’s body was quite hard all the way down. There was none of the softness of my own feminine frame. The ridge of his thigh was like steel beneath my hip. His arm wasn’t any more forgiving as it snaked around my waist.

My observations stopped abruptly when his hand clapped against the seat of my pants, jolting my body across his lap.

“Kaine! Stop!”

“Not yet,” he said, repeating the treatment. The slapping of his hand against my posterior was not pleasant, but it was not entirely painful. I suspected it could really hurt, if he wanted it to.

“Why are you doing this?”

“I told you why I’m doing this,” he said, his voice gravel above me. “You’re not listening to me, and you’re not obeying me. You need to do both, for your own safety. These vampires aren’t low level hunters looking for a snack. These vampires are old. Smart. Political.”

He punctuated every one of the adjectives with a slap to my backside that made it jiggle and sting.

“Kaine, you’re mad if you think you can spank me into doing what you want… OW!”

His hand landed with a swift, stinging impact.

“This doesn’t have to be very painful,” he said, “but if you insist on giving me attitude, it will be.”

He was becoming increasingly serious, and my bottom was becoming increasingly sore. He whacked away with the insistent stroke of a man who wanted to make an impression and I was left in the unfortunately reactive position of squeaking with every hard slap. The heat was soon seeping through my knickers and settling deep in the flesh of my bottom.

Twilight Cowboy, Book One is here!