The Sheriff and The Kid, A Spanking New Western!

There’s a new sheriff in town – and he’s ready to spank! This is my newest spanking Western, sizzling hot off the presses.

Sheriff Slade is one of the most fearsome lawmen south of the Santa Fe trail. Hot on the heels of a notorious bandit, Three Hand Jones, and a new accomplice known as ‘The Kid’, he’s ready to send two more bandits to the gallows.

When the trap he has planned for the law-breakers goes horribly wrong, Bill Slade is left not with two devious, faceless outlaws on his hands, but a dying father and his wild daughter.

Tawny Jones, aka ‘The Kid’ is completely undomesticated, a motherless tearaway who can outlaw with the best of them – but her criminal days are over if Bill has anything to say about it. And if she won’t listen, well then he’ll just spank her lawless bottom until she does.

Check the book out on Blushing Books, and read a sample chapter!