The Hard Handed Sheriff, Now On Blushing Books!

Redwood is a dangerous place for a sheriff, the sleepy little town has managed to lose every law man that’s dared set foot on its soil in the past ten years.

Shep Benedict is Redwood’s newest sheriff and he’s keen to solve the mystery of the missing law men so that he doesn’t become one of them. All signs point to resident town terror Delilah Blackheart being behind the disappearances and suspected murders, but Shep’s not keen to send the pretty orphan to the gallows without making darn sure she’s the guilty party first.

He soon finds that he has a soft spot for the gun toting, hard drinking little lady, but before they can live happily ever after a spree of dangerous arson attempts bring both Delilah and Shep to the very limits of their mortality in this wild western tale of suspense and spankings.

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An Introduction To Trouble

As all spanking brats, bottoms and submissives know – there are different types of trouble. I have dedicated my life to the study of these types and will now elucidate upon them in a scholarly and enlightening fashion.

We will begin this study with inspiration from great Republican Rumsfeld, whose name sounds like a tub of leather.

There are known troubles. These are things that you know will get you in trouble before you do them. There are unknown troubles, which are things you do without knowing that you’ll be in trouble for doing them. There are also known unknown troubles – these are things you don’t necessarily know will get you in trouble, but you suspect they might, and then, of course, there are the unknown unknown troubles, which are the troubles that never occurred to you as being problematic until long after the fact.

The fourth kind of trouble is perhaps the worst kind of trouble. It’s the trouble that arises when you realize you’ve plugged the wrong cord into your boyfriend’s digital camera and broken all the little pins inside even though it totally fit as if it was the right cord. In some cases this sort of trouble can become the dreaded compound trouble when it happens to be the second camera you’ve broken in a similar fashion. (It’s either a secret power or a curse that some items simply disintegrate in my hands. Medical science should probably be made aware of this phenomenon.)
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Wild West Spanking

I’ve got some new books coming out on Blushing Books in the next couple of months, one of them is called ‘The Hard Handed Sheriff’. I could go into all the whys and wherefores of it, but let me just say I wrote this a couple years ago and had sort of forgotten about it. Having re-read it, I’ve fallen in love with the protagonists all over again. Here’s a little excerpt that will give you a hint as to why that might be…

An Excerpt from The Hard Handed Sheriff:

“Evening, Sheriff.”

“Evenin’, Tomas,” Shep Benedict tipped his hat, keeping his flint blue eyes squarely on Miss Delilah Blackheart.

A murmur went around the saloon. Everybody sensed the coming showdown and unlike the previous altercation, the outcome of which had been obvious before it started, this one was uncertain. Sheriff Shep Benedict was still not real well known by the townsfolk. All they knew was that he’d been sent down from Springs Junction with nothing more than a horse, a gun and a badge. Oh, and a reputation for being one of the meanest sons of bitches that ever walked the West. He stopped a few paces away from Delilah and cleared his throat.

“Ladies aren’t allowed in the saloon.”

He was an undeniably imposing man. His face was all square jaw and high cheek bones and he was clean shaven, a rarity for Redwood. Standing there with his jaw clenched sternly he looked like he’d been carved right out of rock. A few lines around his eyes and mouth spoke to mature age and a good temperament, but he wasn’t looking good tempered at that moment. He was looking like the very incarnation of the law itself, harsh and unyielding. Keep reading…

The Girl From A.S.S

It’s been so long since I blogged here that I forgot my password. It was replaced with a recipe for lemon chicken, which, whilst delicious, does not much help in the process of accessing the site. I am blogging now, because I have news of a kind and a sort. There are new things happening, which should surprise nobody, because new things happen all the time. In fact, new things are happening so often these days that it is possible to feel a sense of gentle nostalgia for last Tuesday without the faintest sense of irony. But I digress. Or regress. I definitely gress anyway.

As I was saying, there are new things emerging from my brain. Three new things that might be of interest to you are:

1. My new series tentatively titled ‘Raine’s Bodyguard’ which is running at Bethany’s Woodshed. If a story about a precocious and charming teen pop sensation and the stern bodyguard who spanks her appeals, you can read the first chapter free here.

2. In other news, fans of the Military Discipline series might be happy to know that a third book is scheduled to begin later this year. The adventures of mathematical savant and casual drunk Zora Matthews and her military handler Captain Savage, are set to continue.

3. I have a shorter story on the way, tastefully titled ‘The Girl From A.S.S’. Here’s a cover.

This story is set to be a spanking story for spanking enthusiasts and follows the fortunes of a young lady doing her best to avoid the disciplinary regime at her place of work, a regieme that includes, you guessed it, spankings. Devlin O’Neill is helping with some editing on this tale and has almost broken me of the habit of splicing commas. Almost.

And that’s it for the moment.