Chasing Rigel, Lesbian Romance Novella OUT NOW!

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s actually been almost a whole year since the last ebook in the Rigel series was published. All that’s changed now, with the publication of CHASING RIGEL. As you may or may not recall, Training Rigel left Tank in a semi-smitten state with Rigel, her out of control friend, employee and spanking bottom. Chasing Rigel tells the tale of Tank’s efforts to get over Rigel, and Rigel’s efforts to understand the strong desire to put certain people over her knee and spank them silly.

Here is a blurb I wrote on the subject:

In the sequel to Training Rigel, irrepressible and eminently sexy young dyke Rigel is settling into a more secure lifestyle under Tank’s watchful eye. That doesn’t mean she’s immune to getting into trouble, especially as she explores a new world of topping others. Meanwhile, Tank tries to shake her attraction to Rigel and searches for love that doesn’t come with a severe attitude problem.

Part lesbian romance, part tale of a top in the making, Chasing Rigel delves further into the histories of the characters first introduced in Obeying Rigel.

(It’s also worth noting, for people who like to note things, that this is my first ebook of 2013!)

Thanks must also go to Sparrow, for reading my words and telling me where I’d written the same word twice, or misspelled the name of a 80’s icon. Thank you very much, Sparrow!

Are you interested? Would you like to read the first chapter? But of course you would! Click here to read the first chapter free!


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