Commander Paladin, Pirate Hunter | The Latest In Spanking Literature from Devlin O’Neill

Spanking, interstellar drama, more spanking and political intrigue characterize Devlin O’Neill’s newest book, which follows the fortunes of Commander Paladin, a man battling the forces of a hierarchy determined to put him out to pasture after he lost both his eyes in a pirate attack. (Don’t worry, he got them back again, albeit in the form of cybernetic technology.)

This isn’t just a spanking book from the renowned romance author, this is quite a masterpiece of storytelling, with lush alien environments and high stakes battles for space supremacy. The novel is focused not only on Commander Paladin, but two of his students, Alexia Trebeck and Abigail Rhodes, whose friendship with one another and with Paladin spans galaxies. In his travels Commander Paladin finds cause to impart discipline on numerous female bottoms, it’s safe to say that there’s a sort of spanking for everyone in this novel, including two totally different types of F/F spanking.

Paladin is a likable dominant / top (without being a cliche) and the female protagonists are all blessed with agency and spunk, standing on their own two feet – except for when they’re over Paladin’s lap for some well deserved discipline. Commander Paladin, Pirate Hunter is as heart warming as it is bottom warming and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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A Hard Spanking

“It won’t be hard, will it?”

He looked at her solemnly and his voice made her innards tremble. “What is the point of a spanking if it is not hard?”

“But… I mean…” Her lower lip began to quiver as her doe eyes filled with watery haze.

“It will be hard, my girl,” he said, taking her by the hand and drawing her across the room to the spot where a solitary dining chair stood alone in the middle of the rug. “It will be hard when I put you across my lap,” he said, sinking to sit on the seat and pulling her between his legs so that she was trapped between his muscular thighs.

“It will be hard when I peel these sweet panties down,” he said, reaching for the waistband and slipping it down so that the curve of her bare cheeks was exposed. “It will be hard when I lay my hand across your oh so deserving bottom and…” he paused, and smiled. “It will be harder still when I sink it inside you.”

He winked at her stricken face and she let out all the air she’d been holding in a rush of disbelief. “Damn you,” she said, slapping his chest playfully. “You scared me.”

She heard him chuckle as he tipped her over his lap and the spanking began. She squirmed, feeling his cock pressing into her outer thigh as he slapped her bottom with brisk, light strokes. As he’d promised, it was hard.