Get Over My Knee

In which the author gazes at her navel…

This might be a series of posts because I think I’ve accidentally stumbled onto something of a ‘deep’ topic. I recently released a book called ‘Over Loki’s Knee’. (This isn’t a book plug, seriously.) A reader asked why I’d called it that. Was it because I thought of my readers as being over my knee in some sense?

I replied vaguely, but mostly in the affirmative. After all, a book isn’t just some words on a page that people read and either find pleasing or displeasing – it is a means of connection. When you read these words, words that I have written, my voice speaks in your mind. If I write a top that makes you tingle or a brat that makes you want to giggle with glee, that is a collaboration between my mind and yours. The message and the reciever combine to create the experience. A reader coming to a story with a particular prejudice or interest is going to have a different experience from that of another reader with different interests and prejudices.

In spite of that, or perhaps because of that, there is an intimacy in all writing. Over the course of a story, a relationship between author and reader is formed. It can be distant and dysfunctional, it can be love / hate, it can be a great sweeping romance. After all, no matter how much we might try to separate the author from their story or the reader from their experience, the story is the expression of the author, interpreted through the mind of the reader.

There are many excellent writers of spanking fiction out there and each of them has their own style, or deeper than that, a feeling one gets when reading their works. Some feel like sensual liquid poetry, some feel like deep warmth and care, some are a tantalizing mixture of erotic tension and old fashioned propriety. I think readers get a very good and very real sense of authors through their works – because good writers are honest writers even when they’re concocting great and wonderful lies.

And in my writing? What is there for a reader to find? Keep reading…

Two New Traditional Spanking Romances **Out Now!**

Two of my spanking romances which were exclusive to Spanking Romance are now available on Blushing Books.

Master of Thieves

Terminally misbehaved apprentice Rayna is the worst thief in the world. That won’t stop her trying to gain access to the notorious Thieves Guild though, even if she has to rob every vault in the city to do it.

If Rafe, the charismatic Master of Thieves, hadn’t noticed her before he certainly notices her once she executes a plan that throws the entire guild into pandemonium. If the attentions of a stern Master weren’t enough for one miscreant to deal with, there’s also Peta, the most powerful woman in the guild, and an authority that Rayna can’t seem to help crossing.

If she’s to survive the Thieves Guild, Rayna will have to have more than just a tough hide, she’ll need to find a way to make peace with those in power, a task that will push her feeble powers of obedience to the very limit.

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A Governess Named Trouble

A French governess employed to tame Cyril Hardy’s notoriously wild brood of sons, Francine Trouble (pronounced ‘Trublay’) soon proves to be more problematic than the boys themselves.

“But now, now I have plenty of time to tend to my wayward revolutionary,” he said, his voice thick not with censure, but with desire. He wanted her, Frankie knew that much, it was in his every breath.

“You need me to tend to you, don’t you Francine?” he murmured in her ear as he led her over to the chaise that sat against the wall of his office and drew her over his lap. Frankie went peacefully, only squirming as he rose her skirts up over her back.

“You taught my sons about that bloody revolution simply to tease me, did you not? To see what I might do if you teach the sons of an aristocrat that all aristocrats are tyrannical, hmmm? Shall I show you tyranny, my pretty little citoyenne?”

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